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UV Inkjet Ink Formulation: Best Practices & Troubleshooting Tips

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Wednesday Jul 5, 2023

Design stable, high-performance UV & UV/LED inkjet inks to meet your customers’ critical needs (rapid curing, strong adhesion, large color gamut, faster printing speed, zero VOC…).

Terence Kenneth
will help you overcome complex formulation challenges like balancing low viscosity, UV stability, good jetting, etc. Guidance to select raw materials (monomer, pigment, photoinitiators…) and troubleshoot problems (banding, misting, poor ink transfer…) will be shared with practical examples.

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Terence Kenneth Presented By:
Terence Kenneth
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Jul 5, 2023
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

UV inkjet inks are set to dominate every industry because of their green profile. And, it is especially true for the industrial packaging printing segment that demands faster printing speeds!

But, to jet well and reliably, UV inkjet inks must be designed cautiously. And the difficulty in finding materials that offer low viscosity, a balance of reactivity, stability and good jetting characteristics, doesn’t make it any easier! Join this course to accelerate your transition to UV inkjet inks vs solvent inks and:

  1. Make stable UV inkjet ink formulations & achieve faster curing with new ideas for raw material selection, formulation & manufacturing techniques.

  2. Solve ink problems (banding, polymerization, misting, poor ink transfer…) with your customers by reviewing real-life/commercially acceptable knowledge that has been put to practice.

  3. Ease your transition to UV/LED inks & reduce your R&D time by learning the framework & protocol for inks formulation.

Who should attend?

  • Managers of inkjet ink laboratories and technicians

  • Formulators wanting to get a better understanding of inkjet ink formulation

  • R&D specialists in ink formulation industry looking to move towards eco-friendly solutions

Course Outline

  1. Defining what is UV inkjet ink formulations
    • Conventional UV vs UV/LED
    • Printhead technology

  2. Raw Material selection: What are the formulation components of UV inks ?
    • Pigments
      • Why it is significant to use high-performance UV inkjet pigments?
      • What are some of the best organic pigment choices?
      • Role of photoinitiators in UV/LED curing
    • Photoinitiators/synergist
    • Additives
    • Monomers & Oligomers
      • How to select monomers and oligomers based on different application?

  3. Formulation guidance
    • What to expect while formulating UV/LED inks?
    • Problem of oxygen inhibition & its cure
    • How to go from laboratory to the printer immediately?
    • Examples of commercial grade ink formulations

  4. Closer look at curing mechanisms
    • Factors affecting curing
    • How inks are cured?

  5. UV stability: Techniques for improving ink stability both in-can and post printing

  6. Troubleshooting
    • How to recognize different UV ink problems (banding, polymerization, misting, poor ink transfer…)
    • Learn what causes it & find the possible solutions

  7. 30 Mins Q&A- Ask your questions directly to the expert !
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Members Reviews

Starting formulation and the explanation on UV Curing was helpful. Learned about choosing the right photoinitiator.

Cole , from International Paper

Good Course! It provided a good introduction to UV ink.

Jeff kennedy , from Sun Chemical

The speaker was very thorough. Gave me some ideas for possible new product developments. It is a very detailed course!

Jim McCaulley , from Eastman Chemical Company

Very good content and practical examples. I learnt some practical tips.

Kay Avila , from Eni Lank Especialidades

Very good Content! I learnt formulation details and important factors.

William Belias , from Ergonex, Inc.

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