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Discoloration of PVC Products: How to Minimize or Avoid It

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Recorded on Apr 28, 2021

Minimize discoloration of your PVC products (pipes, cables, membranes…) by understanding the complexity of discoloration issues (photo bluing, photo pinking, photo greying, chalking…) and how to reduce and/or avoid it using different mechanisms.

Michael Schiller will explain which raw materials can cause problems and eventually how to change product compositions to decrease the issues at the formulation stage itself along with practical tips.

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Presented By:
Michael Schiller

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Being in the PVC industry, you will agree that discolorations have been a long-standing issue! Be it rigid or plasticized PVC, filled or transparent PVC products, issues like yellowing, photo bluing, photo pinking, chalking… are common. The discolorations will stay if no actions are taken. By understanding the complexity of the discoloration and their reasons, it is possible to take corrective actions on time! Say goodbye to discoloration in PVC products by joining this course. You will:

  • Save your R&D time by getting overview on the problems and their complexity

  • Identify the suspicious raw material in time to change the product composition that minimizes the issue

  • Find the best suited additive or raw material (filler content, titanium dioxide, antioxidant…) for your application (from rigid and plasticized PVC, to filled & transparent PVC products)

  • Get advice and practical tips on your own technical challenges by interacting live with our expert Michael Schiller

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Who should view this course?

  • End users of colored PVC products
  • Formulators, Raw material supplier and manufacturers as well as anyone who faces PVC discoloration issue and wants to understand the related mechanisms

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Course Outline

  • Overview of photochemistry

  • Types of discolorations
    • Chalking
    • Photo bluing
    • Photo greying
    • Photo pinking
    • Yellowing.. and many more

  • Factors (water absorption, humid surroundings, environmental pollutants like pollen, flying rust …) and materials causing discoloration

  • Understanding the mechanism of each type of discoloration & how to avoid them

  • Comprehensive test methods: Xenotest, PEMF…

  • Practical tips to minimize / avoid discoloration (raw materials and dryblend composition)

  • 30 mins Q&A- Ask your questions directly to the expert!

  • Have a query ? Email us for any help !

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