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PVC Stabilizers: Decoding the Black Box to meet Processing & Quality Needs

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Recorded on Dec 4, 2019

Ease your PVC stabilizer selection process to meet today’s processing & quality needs with an in-depth understanding of individual additives inside stabilizers, their function, important effects and side effects.

PVC expert, Michael Schiller will decode the black box of stabilizer one-pack (co-stabilizers, lubricants, light stabilizers, processing aids, colorants...) to ease your selection process – what to use, what to avoid. You will be able to solve/avoid unexpected problems by applying systematic investigations (save time, trials and money!)

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Presented By:
Michael Schiller

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Beginner

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.wmv Courses Recording, Presentation Slides & Transcript of Q&A session

Why should you view this course?

In the PVC industry, the long-standing needs include efficient processing, enhancing product quality and cost-cutting. Experts recommend that you select the stabilizers carefully in order to achieve the same. But due to the lack of efficient knowledge transfer between the older & newer generation, the stabilizer one-pack is often viewed as a “black box”! And the added regulatory pressure (lead and tin stabilizers) makes the selection process more challenging. Join this course to:

  • Ease your selection process by getting a clear understanding on the various additives within the PVC stabilizer one-pack (co-stabilizers, lubricants, light stabilizers, processing aids, colorants...) their effects and unwanted side effects.

  • Solve unexpected problems faster (unwanted deposits during extrusion i.e. plate out, discolorations, formation of surface defects...) by applying systematic investigations

  • Meet today’s processing & quality needs while saving time, trials and money with expert guidance

Who should view this course?

  • Engineers, technicians, chemists in development, production, application engineering and quality control of PVC production and processing.
  • Participants from suppliers of stabilizer industry will get a chance to understand side effects with other additives while their materials are used.

Course Outline

  • What’s inside a stabilizer one-pack?
    • Co-stabilizers
    • Lubricants
    • Light Stabilizers
    • Processing aids
    • Colorants

  • What are their important functionalities? How they impact processing & product quality?

  • How to tackle unwanted side-effects?

  • Selection strategy as per application

  • Solving unexpected problems faster with systematic investigations
    • Unwanted deposits during extrusion i.e. plate out
    • Discolorations
    • Formation of surface defects

  • 30 min Q&A- ask your doubts directly to the expert !

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