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Switching from Solventborne to Waterborne Coatings in Industrial Applications

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Recorded on Sep 15, 2021

Smoothly switch from solvent-borne to waterborne coatings & meet the low VOC regulation requirements by understanding different techniques used to formulate waterborne coatings.

Keith Moody, who has successfully put in place many Waterborne technologies replacing Solvent-borne systems, will lay light on:
  • How waterborne polymers must be handled in plants
  • What equipment will be needed to process these systems
  • How coating polymers (alkyds, polyesters, acrylic-epoxy hybrids…) are made, formulated and applied in industrial applications.

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Keith Moody Presented By:
Keith M. Moody

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Regulatory restrictions in each region is pushing for healthier and cleaner coatings with lower and lower amounts of VOC. No doubt, waterborne coatings are the primary way to meet these regulations.

However, without guidance, making the shift from solvent borne to waterborne can be tricky! Handling wetting and surface tension, corrosion and flash rusting… for waterborne coatings are far different from solvent-borne coatings.

Additionally going for trial & error or hiring expensive consultants will only be time-consuming & costly. Join this course to:

  • Understand how to formulate waterborne coatings using different techniques (use of external surfactants & emulsion polymerization, changing the backbone of the solvent borne resin…)

  • Shorten your R&D time and swiftly shift to waterborne coatings by understanding how coating polymers (alkyds, polyesters, acrylic-epoxy hybrids…) are made, formulated and applied in industrial applications.

  • Understand with examples from real-life industry applications: aqueous dispersions in metal, hybrid polymer systems in coil, container coatings for metal, general industrial applications of latex emulsion polymers…

  • Learn how to tackle problems like wetting and surface tension, corrosion & flash rusting, curing, heating, rheology, which binders to choose for formulations…
Switching from Solvent borne to Water borne

Who should view this course?

This course is intended for Formulators, Scientists synthesizing resins for coatings, Development & Application Chemists, Brand Owners, OEMs, Marketers, End-product Manufacturers, QC Chemists, Technical & Research personnel of coatings and paint companies.

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction: Moving from Solventborne to Waterborne coatings

  2. a. Problems and Challenges
    b. Advantages of Waterborne coatings

  3. Three different techniques used to make waterborne coatings

  4. a. Changing the backbone of the solvent borne resin to make it more hydrophilic
    1. Examples in making water dispersible coatings

    b. Incorporating waterborne resins through grafting and use of multi polymer systems
    1. Examples of hybrid polymer systems

    c. Use of external surfactants and emulsion polymerization
    1. Examples of different surfactants and polymers that can be emulsified with surfactants

  5. Three successful examples used in industrial coatings

  6. a. Water-dispersible polyesters and alkyds
    1. Using both volatile and non-volatile hydrophilic groups

    b. Waterborne epoxies used in container coatings
    1. Chemistry of thermoset epoxy-acrylics in can coatings

    c. Industrial acrylic emulsions
    1. Evolution and examples of acrylics emulsions in industrial applications

  7. Conclusions and Summary

  8. a. How these three different methods compare?
    b. Which technique is best for you?

  9. 30 Mins Q&A Session- Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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