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Formulating Powder Coatings for Temperature-sensitive Substrates

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Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

Design low temperature powder coatings for temperature sensitive substrates (MDF, wood, plastics…) while meeting both physical (adhesion/impact resistance...) & aesthetical (smoothness/gloss versatility…) properties requirements at minimal cost.

Leading expert, Veronica Reichert will lay light on:
  • Advantages and limitations of low temperature cure powder coating systems
  • Raw materials selection, processing conditions and application issues
  • Formulation best practices for each type of curing (thermal or UV cure)
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Veronica Reichert Presented By:
Veronica Reichert

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Oct 20, 2021
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Due to the clear advantages (negligible VOCs, cost-efficiency, energy savings…) of powder coatings over liquid coatings, their demand in the industry is increasing. However, formulating powder coatings for temperature-sensitive substrates (MDF, wood, plastics…) is a tricky business.

You must have a strong understanding of precise processing conditions, application issues & right raw materials. Without which, you might miss out on achieving the desired coating properties (physical, aesthetical and chemical) in your low cure systems at minimal cost. Join this course to:

  • Understand how to formulate low temperature cure powder coatings by in-depth reviewing its underlying science, film formation and cure chemistry.

  • Shorten your R&D time and swiftly shift to low temperature and UV curable powder coatings by understanding the chemical reactions involved in cure, impact of resin properties on final coating performance, effect of catalysts, etc.

  • Learn how to tackle problems like orange peel, roughness, poor spray pattern, which raw materials to choose, cure conditions (thermal and UV cure options) and more.

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Powder coatings, low temperature powder coatings

Who should attend?

This course is beneficial for coating formulators, coating specifiers, OEMs.

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction with quick review of powder coatings
    • Why powder coatings?
    • Advantages/disadvantages

  2. In-depth review of underlying science
    • Application of powder
    • Film formation and Cure chemistry

  3. Key challenges restricting its universal application
    • Large substrates (things that can’t fit in an oven)
    • Temperature sensitive substrates – metallic and non-metallic

  4. How to enable low temperature cure?
    • Material selection (resins, cure agents, etc)
    • Formulation best practices
    • Cure conditions (thermal and UV cure options)

  5. 30 mins Q&A - Interact live with the expert for all your technical help!

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