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Sustainability in Cosmetics: What It Means for Formulators

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Wednesday Sep 22, 2021

With growing ethical consumerism, sustainability has become a need in the cosmetics industry. Confidently take step towards sustainable development & validate your claims by demystifying common misconceptions:

  • Do natural/organic ingredients necessarily mean sustainable?
  • What does actually “Clean beauty” imply?

Jen Novakovic (leading cosmetics formulation consultant, director of Eco Well) who knows in & out of the whole sustainability concept, will take you through a deeper dig into sustainability. She will open your eyes on how not based on assumptions, rather by substantiation, you can confidently & ethically claim your sustainability goals!

Evidence based ingredient selection | Life cycle assessment | Supply chain transparency & more…

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Presented By:
Jen Novakovich

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Methodology
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Sep 22, 2021
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Cosmetic Consumers today are quite informed & conscious about the ingredients used in products and care a great deal about sustainable initiatives. They are more interested in your process than your product! On the other hand, with this growing interest, the cloud of multiple misconceptions linked to sustainability claims is getting bigger with no clear answers for formulators. There is a lack of transparency when the terminologies (clean beauty, zero waste) used are actually compared with the ingredients used.

Join this course to:

  • Better select ingredients based on evidence & gain clarity that natural/organic does not necessarily mean sustainable
  • Be more confident with your products’ sustainability claims by learning about step-by-step substantiation process (Life cycle assessment, reviewing supply chain, biodegradability...)
  • Learn through real-life examples of claim vs the results when LCA were done for couple of ingredients.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by creating an honest brand with clarity on how to ethically claim your sustainability goals (Sustainable Intensification, GMO…)

Who should attend?

Cosmetics formulators, ingredients suppliers, brand owners, regulatory staff… from all regions globally.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during the session:

  1. Introduction
    • Why should we care sustainability as formulators?
    • Why the market interest?

  2. Consumer and market perceptions of sustainability
    • What do consumers perceive as "green" products?
    • How do our industry eco-standards define "green" products

  3. Green Washing
    • What does the term mean?
    • Results from the latest 2021 EC website sweep for green washing

  4. Defining Sustainability
    • Brundtland commission definition + nested theory of sustainability
    • Natural step theory of sustainability
    • UN SDG's

  5. Market perception for sustainability
    • Ingredient selection

  6. Does natural or "bio-based mean products will have a lower impact
    • Diving into the science of the impact of agricultural expansion
    • Examples of natural materials have a superior and inferior environmental impact profile compared to "synthetic" materials
    • Organic materials - are these inherently less impactful?
    • The science around 'Sustainable Intensification'

  7. Does "GMOs" mean that a material will have a higher impact?
    • What does the industry mean when we say "GMO"?
    • Diving into the evidence around GMO safety and opportunities to reduce impact
    • How GMOs can help produce less impactful and potentially higher performing materials?
    • Challenges

  8. Biotechnology as a frontier for "greener" materials
    • What do we mean when we say "biotech"
    • What's out there available to formulators
    • Regulations, certifications, and challenges

  9. Use of bi-products/upcycled ingredients
    • What do we mean when we say upcycled?
    • What's out there?
    • Challenges

  10. Substantiating sustainability
    • Supply chain transparency and mapping
    • Biodegradability/degradability
    • LCAs

  11. Ethically communicating sustainability initiatives to consumers

  12. 30 mins Q&A - Ask your questions directly from the experts!

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