The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers
The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers

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Perform to your best in the Plastics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and to be innovative! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

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Luis Roca
2 Days left to register

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

By Luis Roca

Troubleshoot your compounding issues (low productivity rate, contaminants, melt fracture...) with twin-screw extruders by knowing how to adjust processing parameters for any material or...

Donald Rosato
10 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 29, 2021

By Donald Rosato

Establish a successful plastics recycling system by clearly understanding the recovery & reuse model and gaining in-depth knowledge about advanced technologies (depolymerization, pyrolysis...

Rogier van Duin
16 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 5, 2021

By Rogier van Duin

Accelerate your developments by reviewing how you can test simultaneously 4, 7, 11… variables with a limited number of trials for ingredient selection, interaction study, formulation...

T Richard Hull
24 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

By T Richard Hull

Pre-select more efficiently flame retardants that can enable you to pass regulatory tests by increasing your ability to interpret cone calorimeter results. Parameters affecting cone calorimeter...

Donald Rosato
32 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 21, 2021

By Donald Rosato

Technical Plastics have paved its way in high tech electronics as to become the most suitable as a material for high-quality and leading high-tech applications. Studies reveal the growth of the...

Paul Mastro
38 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

By Paul Mastro

Achieve demanding end use / regulation requirements with your rigid PVC while minimizing costs. Overcome challenges of changing additives or processing scale in demands like larger pipes, high...

Nick Kernoghan
44 Days left to register

Tuesday Nov 2, 2021

By Nick Kernoghan

Ease your compliance strategy involving Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) & other unlisted chemicals by having your checklist ready! Gain clarity on the requirements of Plastics Regulation...

Jeffrey A. Jansen
51 Days left to register

Tuesday Nov 9, 2021

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Gain greater control over your elastomeric part performance by choosing the right material in your end application. Jeff Jansen will review the structure & composition of thermoset rubbers &...

Rogier van Duin
52 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

By Rogier van Duin

Accelerate your developments with an efficient implementation of Design of Experiment by reviewing how to proceed step-by-step with the support of two practical cases.Our expert Rogier Van Duin will...

Donald Rosato
60 Days left to register

Thursday Nov 18, 2021

By Donald Rosato

Review state-of-the-art plastic materials developments in 3D printing technology, as it starts to become more mainstream! Don Rosato will share comprehensive knowledge of the current global state...

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