The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers
The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers

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Perform to your best in the Plastics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and to be innovative! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

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Jeffrey A. Jansen
7 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 1, 2020

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Avoid part failure in demanding applications by eliminating the primary cause (wrong material choice) with better selection of your plastics based on sound knowledge of core fundamentals Jeff Jansen...

Donald Rosato
14 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 8, 2020

By Donald Rosato

Establish a successful plastics recycling system by clearly understanding the recovery & reuse model and gaining in-depth knowledge about advanced technologies (depolymerization, pyrolysis...

Francis Facon
20 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

By Francis Facon

Boost your chances to meet the weight reduction targets & pass crash tests with successful integration (bonding) of plastics, metals and other composites in your complex part designs. Leading...

Pablo Ferrero Aguar
33 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 27, 2020

By Pablo Ferrero Aguar

Easily convert post-use plastics into high value products & chemicals by combining the best of chemical recycling techniques. Gain in-depth understanding of how to improve the recycling process with...

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