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Plastics & Elastomers
The material selection platform
Plastics & Elastomers

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Perform to your best in the Plastics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and to be innovative! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

Polyamide Selection in Demanding Applications: How to Avoid Premature Part Failure

Choose wisely the right polyamide for your high-end applications to avoid premature failure with a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of important class of each material (nylon 6...


Discoloration of PVC Products: How to Minimize or Avoid It

Are you faced with discoloration issues like photo bluing, photo pinking, photo greying and chalking in your colored PVC products (pipes, cables, membranes…)? In this new course, expert Michael...


Flame Retardant Behavior Characterization in Practice

Assess efficiently effect of flame retardants in plastics’ fire behavior & thermal stability by running appropriate characterization methods (Cone Calorimeter, TGA, Char & Residue Analysis...) at...


Polyamide Performance Developments : 2019 Trends & Opportunities

Get updated on cutting-edge advances in Polyamide (Nylon) engineering thermoplastics to identify where the true potential & new opportunities exist for you and make better R&D decisions. Don will...


Introduction to Twin Screw Configuration and Design

Address complex compounding challenges (melt disturbance, surging…) by accelerating your learning curve w.r.t. extruder screw design & configuration in accordance with various polymer systems...


Achieving High Barrier Performance in Coextruded Films

Reach higher barrier performance levels in your multilayer thin films with coextrusion for any type of packaging goods without compromising on mechanical properties and sustainability. Thomas...


DSC Interpretation Made Easy for Plastics Optimization

With extended use of DSC, minimize additive interactions, fine-tune processing, avoid premature failure... to accelerate your plastics developments...


Migration Testing as per EU Regulations

Avoid rejection of your food contact approval application with a well-defined migration testing strategy (in accordance with EU food contact regulations). Way to demonstrate food-safety, especially...


PVC Plasticizer Alternatives: Selection & Use

Adopt a structured approach to screen phthalate alternatives that cater to increasing health & environmental regulations (low molecular weight, ortho-phthalates…) ! Paul Daniels will discuss the...


Medical Devices: Formulating for their Specific Requirements

Develop comprehensive structural adhesive systems for medical devices meeting specific needs (fast cure, resistant to sterilization cycles, high production speed…) to fine-tune performance. Ed...


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