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Post Your Request For Proposals

When to use SpecialChem OI services?

Open Innovation services with SpecialChem are for industrials willing to:

    • Accelerate the development of a new product
    • Identify, reach and acquire innovative technologies
    • Solve a challenge that can't be solve internally (lack of resources, time or expertise)
    • Develop a disruptive solution to a long-known issue faced within the market
    • Penetrate a new market
    • Establish a technological landscape

How to post your Request For Proposals (RFP)?

SpecialChem has established a streamlined 4-steps process. It allows professionals to quickly leverage our specialized network and access solutions in a few weeks only. The way the process works is the following:

    1. Fill in an RFP template
    2. Get support and validation
    3. Connect with a specialized network
    4. Receive business proposals

Access details about the 4-steps process by clicking here

SpecialChem Open Innovation Process

What do we do with received proposals?

SpecialChem receives all proposals and share them directly with our Client.

The SpecialChem Client evaluates the proposals, their fit and quality. If they are interested in the submitted solution, they will contact the submitter directly.

SpecialChem doesn't have any rights on the received proposals. As such, we will never share them with any other party, we won't use them in any communication media, nor sell them separately in any form.


There is a one time upfront fee per request to leverage our network, with the guarantee of receiving a minimum of proposals out of the process. There are no surprises or hidden fees (such as consulting fees). 

To get the details about costs, request an introduction to Open Innovation services with SpecialChem.

OI Request introduction


How to post your Request For Proposals (RFP)?

SpecialChem has established a 

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