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Application Date:
Oct 23, 2014
USPTO Patent:
US 14347929

A shape-retaining tape and a zipper tape that can be produced only by extrusion molding without using a stretching process, and can retain a prescribed shape by being attached to a package bag formed of a resin film...

Norito Saito, Sodegaura-shi (JP)
Ryo Katada, Sodegaura-shi (JP)
Shunichi Ito, Sodegaura-shi (JP)
Michio Mogami, Sodegaura-shi (JP)
International Classification:
B65D 33/25 (20141023); B29C 47/00 (20141023); A44B 19/34 (20141023)
US Classification:
383/ 63; 24/381; 264/1771; 264/1761


What is claimed is:

1. A shape-retaining tape comprising a resin composition obtained by adding 0.1 to 40 parts by weight of an inorganic filler relative to 100 parts by weight of a high-density polyethylene resin.



The present invention relates to a tape to be attached to a resin film or the like. In particular, the present invention relates to a shape-retaining tape and a zipper tape that can retain the opening part of a package bag in the opened state, a package bag provided with...

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