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Hytrel® HTR8808

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DowDuPont (Dupont)

Hytrel® HTR8808 by DuPont is a high temperature thermoplastic polyester elastomer [TPEE] grade. Exhibits an optimal balance of stiffness & heat resistance upto 160°C as continuous temperature, good pressure resistance and design flexibility. Is suitable for processing by blow molding. Hytrel® HTR8808 is recommended for pressurized hot side air ducts for small turbo gasoline engines. Can replace the conventional rigid air duct made of metal or polyamide 6 glass filled material, turbo hose made of rubber and textile reinforcement and offers an alternative to the injection welded duct.

Hytrel® HTR8808 Product details

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  • Automotive
  • Extrusion > Blow molding
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