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Agimid® 540 B (black)

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Agiplast

Agimid® 540 B (black) by Agiplast is a bio-based, low density, polyamide 10-10 (PA 10-10) HL polymer. Exhibits high abrasion, friction, easy processability, very good mechanical properties, low water absorption, high tensile strength, elongation at break and wide range of temperature use. Offers good physical properties, high resistance to impact-, chemical-, burst-, termite-, rodent- and heat-aging. Designed for processing by extrusion. Recommended for air brake lines, fuel lines, metallic tubes jacketing for A/C systems, tubes, coils/spirals for compressed air, mono/multilayer tubes for high pressure hydraulic lines & car sliding roofs, fiber optic/power cables, and corrugated tubes. Agimid® 540 B (black) complies with REACH (1907/2006/EC), RoHS (2002/95/EC) and ISO 9001/2008 regulations.

Agimid® 540 B (black) Product details

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  • Automotive > External - Roof module
  • Automotive > Fuel systems - Fuel lines
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Bio Based
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