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Ateva® ExtruBond™ XB1641

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Celanese

Ateva® ExtruBond™ XB1641 by Celanese is a cost-saving, weldable, transparent EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) grade containing 16% vinyl acetate. Allows converters to run lines both faster and more efficiently to improve machine utilization. Offers reduced airgaps for improved neck-in, lower melt temperatures, impact resistance and excellent low-temperature properties. Provides a much stronger adhesion/ bonding (2-3 fold increase in bond strength) to substrates at high extrusion coating line speeds commonly used in packaging and thermal lamination processes. Suitable for stronger, more flexible extrusion coating materials for food packaging, packaging lids, document lamination and gift cards. Equally safe to package and preserve food, film or tubing. Applications of Ateva® ExtruBond™ XB1641 by Celanese also include document protection, cheese packaging and medical packaging.

Ateva® ExtruBond™ XB1641 Product details

Product Type
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • Packaging
  • Extrusion
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Key Features
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Ateva® ExtruBond™ XB1641 Properties

Physical Properties

Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR or MFI = Melt Flow Index or MI = Melt Index)
28 g/10 min
Adhesion Force
30 g/in
( Untreated Film (350fpm) )
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