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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Covestro

Maezio™ by Covestro are continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) for strong, light and aesthetic materials. It is based on continuous carbon or glass fibers impregnated with polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or other thermoplastic resins. Offers recyclability, high yield rates and low cycle times. These materials are suitable for thermoforming, hybrid injection molding, automated UD tape laying and automated fiber placement. Maezio™ composites are recommended for industries like electrical and electronics, automotive, household appliances, furniture, medical technology, sports goods, shoes and luggage.

Maezio™ Product details

Product Type
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Furnitures
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Key Features
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