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Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Domo

DOMAMID® XS 5750R50H2 by Domo is a thermoplastic compound based on semi-crystalline polyamide 6.6 (PA 6.6) and partially aromatic polyamide blend reinforced with glass fiber. Exhibits very high strength, very high modulus, low warpage, excellent vibration resistance and improved flow. Offers high stiffness & tensile strength, excellent surface quality, very good creep resistance, high dimensional stability, and low moisture absorption. It is suitable for metal die-cast substitution in many market sectors for functional parts requiring metal-like performance. DOMAMID® XS 5750R50H2 is recommended for automotive, heavy trucks, office furniture and industrial applications.

DOMAMID® XS 5750R50H2 Product details

Product Type
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • Furnitures > Furnitures (domestic and office)
  • Transportation > Heavy Trucks
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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Key Features
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DOMAMID® XS 5750R50H2 Properties

Mechanical Properties

Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Tensile Strength (Tensile Stress)
xxx MPa
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