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ForTii® Ace

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DSM

ForTii® Ace by DSM is a high performance polyphthalamide (PPA) grade based on 4T chemistry. It has highest aromatic content of >50wt%. Possesses extreme stiffness, strength up to 150°C, high peak temperature resistance (upto 320°C) and glass transition temperature (160°C). Exhibits excellent chemical resistance under extreme conditions, high heat-, moisture-, salt-, oil and acid resistance. Offers outstanding noise vibration harshness (NVH) properties and easy & robust molding processibility. Shows high crystallinity, mechanical performance and heat-aging performance compared to polyphthalamide based on polyamides 6T, 9T and 10T. Is suitable for processing by injection molding, fiber-, tube and composite UD tape extrusion. ForTii® Ace is recommended for diecast metal replacement, automotive applications (such as transmission components, structural oil pan, front engine cover, engine mount, thermal management systems), electronics and industrial applications.

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