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ForTii® Eco E11

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by DSM

ForTii® Eco E11 by DSM is a bio-based, high temperature soldering resistant, high performance polyamide grade. Partially produced from renewable resources and castor beans as the basis for C10 chemistry. Provides halogen-free increased performance compared to alternative mineral oil-based solutions and shows low sensitivity to moisture. Exhibits high toughness, high flow, improved processing window and good mechanical- & dielectric strength. Enables reduction in costs while still being able to produce parts that meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) requirements. Fits with the growing need of faster, thinner and more sustainable devices in the electronics industry. Applications include surface-mount technology (SMT) connectors, like the new USB-C, and also audio jacks. ForTii® Eco E11 by DSM has a bio-content ranging from 10% to 25% by weight on a compound basis.

ForTii® Eco E11 Product details

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Electrical markets > Connectors
Bio Based
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