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Solviva® Zeniva® ZA-600 CF30 PEEK

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Solvay

Solviva® Zeniva® ZA-600 CF30 PEEK by Solvay is a high strength, radiolucent polyetheretherketone (PEEK) grade, reinforced with 30% carbon fiber. Exhibits exceptional creep resistance and withstands prolonged fatigue strain. It is sterilized using conventional methods, such as gamma radiation, ethylene oxide and steam. Offers no evidence of cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous reactivity or acute systemic toxicity, based on biocompatibility testing as defined by ISO 10993:1. Solviva® Zeniva® ZA-600 CF30 PEEK is suitable for processing by injection molding and extrusion. Used in implantable device applications.

Solviva® Zeniva® ZA-600 CF30 PEEK Product details

Product Type
CAS Number
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
  • Healthcare / Medical > Implants (long term use, up to several years)
  • Injection molding - thermoplastics
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Key Features
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