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STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 Polystyrene Resin

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Trinseo

STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 Polystyrene Resin by Trinseo is a polystyrene high impact (HIPS) grade. Provides high stiffness, very high melt strength, improved wall thickness distribution, broader processing windows and faster cycle times. Exhibits improved rigidity, environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR), good chemical resistance and advanced down-gauging with a cost savings of upto 10%. Is suitable for processing by thermoforming. STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 Polystyrene Resin is recommended for home appliances (such as refrigerator, freezer liners), packaging, building and construction markets.

STYRON X-TECH™ 2175 Polystyrene Resin Product details

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  • Packaging
  • Buildings & constructions
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