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Polyamides: Techno Brief

Exhibiting high temperature and electrical resistances, polyamides (nylon) are considered as high performance plastics and are widely used in automotive & transportation markets, in consumer goods and in electrical and electronics applications among others. This guide details the main applications and benefits of some common polyamides: PA11, PA12, PA46, PA6, PA66 and PPA (polyphthalamides).

Polyamide 46/ PA46

Polyamide 46 (PA46) is a high temperature polyamide providing unmatched performances across a broad range of applications such as automotive, E&E, and industrial goods. PA46 is the polyamide exhibiting the highest temperature resistance. Its HDT at 1.8MPA is 160°C, and 285°C when filled with 30% of glass fibers. PA 46's mechanical resistance is superior to PA66's. Its fatigue resistance is 50 times that of PA66.

PA46 Properties

Excellent thermal performance with Polyamide46
PA46 mechanical properties
Excellent wear resistance with PA46
Chemical resistance with PA46
Excellent electrical resistance with PA46
Good Thermal
Good Mechanical

Particularly at high
Excellent Wear
Excellent Chemical
Excellent Electrical

PA46 is often used to replace metal in demanding, high temperature applications.

Due to PA46's excellent mar and wear resistance, it is used in gear applications where it offers a combination of mechanical and constant performances at high temperature, excellent tribological behavior and high fatigue resistance.

PA46 can be metallized. It is also possible to color a part made of PA46, however the color resistance will depend on the behavior of the pigments at high temperature.

Due to its high fluidity, PA46 is a good solution for complex shapes and parts with thin walls.

Examples: PA46 can be used to manufacture gears

PA46 Applications

PA46 has alot to offer to different markets which states its versatility as a thermoplastic. It offers several performance characteristics like excellent resistance to wear and tear, exceptional torque resistance, etc., that make it ideal for use in automotive applications.

PA46 applications in the automotive industry mainly consist of parts like chain tensioners, oil filter parts, signaling lamp bases, gear-shift forks, speedometer gear wheels, fuel distributors, etc.

On the other hand, for the electronics market, PA46 has something more to offer. It delivers high creep resistance at elevated temperatures, low coefficient of friction, high heat distortion temperature and much more. These assets make it useful in manufacturing connectors, end laminates in electric motors, surface-mount devices, brush holders in electric motors, amongst several others.

Several consumer goods and appliances also make good use of Polyamide 46 in production.

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