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A Complete Guide on Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Polyetheretherketone Properties and Their Values

The general characteristics of Polyetheretherketone have already been mentioned in the earlier section of this profile. There are some other significant properties possessed by Polyetheretherketone that can be of importance before selecting Polyetheretherketone for a typical application. Check out the table below to have a detailed view of Polyetheretherketone properties.


Key Applications

Key Properties

Chemical Resistance
Dioctylphtalate @ 100%, 60°C Satisfactory
Ethanol @ 96%, 20°C Satisfactory
Ethyleneglycol (Ethane diol) @ 100%, 100°C Satisfactory
Ethyleneglycol (Ethane diol) @ 100%, 20°C Satisfactory
Ethyleneglycol (Ethane diol) @ 100%, 50°C Satisfactory
Gasoline Satisfactory
Methanol @ 100%, 20°C Satisfactory
Sodium hydroxide @ <40%, 20°C Satisfactory
Sodium hydroxide @ <40%, 60°C Satisfactory
Sodium hydroxide @ 10%, 20°C Satisfactory
Sodium hydroxide @ 10%, 60°C Satisfactory
Sodium hydroxide @ 10%, 90°C Satisfactory
Strong acids @ 20°C Satisfactory
Butylacetate @ 100%, 20°C Satisfactory
Butylacetate @ 100%, 60°C Satisfactory
Concentrated acids @ 20°C Satisfactory
Concentrated acids @ hot conditions Satisfactory
Dioctylphtalate @ 100%, 100°C Satisfactory
Dioctylphtalate @ 100%, 20°C Satisfactory
Strong acids @ concentrated, 20°C Non Satisfactory
Ammonium hydroxide @ 10%, 20°C Satisfactory
Ammonium hydroxide @ 30%, 20°C Satisfactory
Ammonium hydroxide @ diluted, 20°C Satisfactory
Ammonium hydroxide @ diluted, 60°C Satisfactory
Aromatic hydrocarbons @ 20°C Satisfactory
Benzene @ 100%, 20°C Satisfactory
Arc Resistance, sec 40
Dielectric Constant 3.2
Dielectric Strength, kV/mm 20
Dissipation Factor x 10-4 30
Volume Resistivity x 1015, Ohm.cm 16-17
Strength at Yield (Tensile), MPa 90-110
Toughness (Notched Izod Impact at Room Temperature), J/m 80-94
Young's Modulus, GPa 3.-3.95
Elongation at Break, % 30-150
Elongation at Yield, % 5
Flexural Modulus, Gpa 3.7-4
Hardness Rockwell M 55-100
Hardness Shore D 85-95
Strength at Break (Tensile), MPa 90-150
Density, g/cm3 1.26-1.32
Glass Transition Temperature, °C 140-145
Shrinkage, % 1.2-1.5
Water Absorption 24 hours, % 0.1-0.5
UV Light Resistance Good
Sterilization Resistance (Repeated) Good
Gamma Radiation Resistance Excellent
Service Temperature
Ductile / Brittle Transition Temperature, °C -65--60
HDT @1.8 Mpa (264 psi), °C 150-160
Max Continuous Service Temperature, °C 154-260
Min Continuous Service Temperature, °C -65--70
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion x 10-5, /°C 4.7-10.8
Thermal Insulation, W/m.K 0.25
Fire Resistance (LOI), % 24-35
Flammability, UL94 V0



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