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Polystyrene crystal

This technology profile features various key facts about polystyrene crystal also known as crystal polystyrene or general purpose polystyrene. It includes their strengths & limitations, processing guidelines, key features, properties and applications.

Polystyrene Crystal

Polystyrene crystal
  • Polystyrene crystal is also known as oriented crystal polystyrene (OPS) or crystal polystyrene.
  • Homopolymerization of styrene yields crystal polystyrene.
  • Polystyrene crystal is a rigid, hard, glassy, glossy and clear.
  • Crystal Polystyrene offers good tensile and flexural strength.
  • It also exhibits excellent dimensional stability, good resistance to water and inorganic chemicals.
  • Polystyrene crystal can be colored, extruded or formed into various finished products.
  • Most of the crystal polystyrene is injection molded.
  • Basic applications of polystyrene crystal include packaging, optics, medical and consumer goods.

Polystyrene Crystal strengths and limitations

  Strengths and Limitations

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