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Product Name
Bostik 110 Low cost EVA Glue StickLow cost for porous surfaces... view more
Bostik 120 Wood Adhesive EVA Glue StickGood hot tack for porous substrates. Wood adhesive... view more
Bostik 130 General Purpose EVA Glue StickGeneral purpose for a variety of substrates including ABS in general assembly... view more
Bostik 140 Low Cost EVA Glue StickLow cost. General purpose for most porous substrates used for craft / floral applications... view more
Bostik 1525 Medium Performance, Oil Resistant Polyamide Glue StickMedium performance. Oil resistance for wood, fabric and other porous substrates primarily in woodworking assembly operation... view more
Bostik 2102 Fast Setting EVA Glue StickFast setting for packaging applications... view more
Bostik 2103 Flexible Bond EVA Glue StickFlexible bond for non-porous substrates... view more
Bostik 2105 Low viscosity, short open time EVA Glue StickLow viscosity. Short open time for woodworking and packaging applications... view more
Bostik 2106 Low viscosity, quick grab EVA Glue StickLow viscosity. Quick grab for woodworking, general assembly and various plastics... view more
Bostik 2107 General Purpose EVA Glue StickGeneral purpose for porous substrates... view more
Bostik 2109 Economical, low viscosity EVA Glue StickEconomical. Low viscosity for packaging applications... view more
Bostik 2124 Flexible, Long Open Time EVA Glue StickFlexible. Long open time for most difficult substrates... view more
Bostik 2128 Clear, Light Assembly EVA Glue StickClear for light assembly... view more
Bostik 2305 Good Heat Resistance EVA Glue StickGood heat resistance. Adheres to a variety of coated and uncoated board stock... view more
Bostik 2385 General Purpose EVA Glue StickGood general purpose bonding of paper, wood, cardboard, foam and fabrics... view more
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