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Acetate Films: A Clear Environmental Solution for High-Quality, Transparent Packaging

SpecialChem / Nov 12, 2008

In today's business world, retailers, OEMs, and packaging suppliers are feeling strong pressures from both their supply chain and consumers to reduce all packaging and use packaging materials that are more environmentally sustainable. At the same time, pressures to manage costs, enclose products in ways that increase shelf-life, reduce tampering, confirm items are not counterfeit, and showcase products in an appealing manner continue to be important. Interestingly, a transparent resin — cellulose diacetate (acetate) — long used for high-end packaging due to its excellent clarity; ability to be printed, glued, and foil blocked; moisture permeability; food-contact approval; and processability is gaining new attention as a "green" alternative to styrenics and polylactic acid (PLA). First, the raw material for acetate films comes from renewable wood pulp obtain from managed forests grown under the sustainable forestry initiate (SFI) instead of from nonrenewable petroleum or natural gas.

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