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Advanced Transparent Styrene Butadiene Plastics

SpecialChem / Apr 6, 2007

BASF has commercialized a highly transparent styrene-butadiene copolymer, Styrolux 3G 33 SBC, which also features impact strength and competes with other clear plastics such as PVC, acrylics, or polycarbonate. Styrolux is the trade name for the BASF range of thermoplastic styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBC). The good miscibility of Styrolux and polystyrene allows the material to be adjusted to desired toughness, while at the same time reducing material costs. Styrolux can be extruded, thermoformed and injection molded into a variety of high-quality products. This resin, available with or without a GPPS (general-purpose polystyrene) blend offers improved transparency, even for thick walled molded products, together with good impact strength and stiffness, the result of a modified molecular morphology. This SBC injection molding grade also features good melt-flow properties enabling faster cycle times and greater production rates, making Styrolux 3G 33 a possible alternative to other clear plastics.

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