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Bioplastic Man

SpecialChem / Jul 25, 2008

The story of a road less taken and a war against habit I am an ardent student of the Gaia hypothesis. Named after the Greek earth goddess, the Gaia hypothesis was first proposed in the 1960s by an independent research scientist, Dr. James Lovelock. His work for NASA led him to the conclusion that the living and non-living parts of the earth are a constantly interacting, intricately interconnected system that can be thought of as a single super organism where everything - oceans, forests, coral reefs - has a regulatory effect on everything else. My company, Earthsoul India, was born out of two emotions: guilt and compassion. Guilt for being part of a species that has consistently contributed to Gaia's decay and destruction; and compassion, because some years ago while in Goa I noticed the Arabian Sea spouting plastic like a TB patient spouting blood at every heave. I was overwhelmed by a need to alleviate some of Gaia's anguish. Thus was seeded Earthsoul India and its quest - harmony with planet earth.

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