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Bioplastics Technology Adoption in Medical Applications

SpecialChem / Sep 10, 2008

Biodegradable medical implants is one of the fastest growing areas in a global orthopaedics market valued at $10billion and forecast to grow to $15billion in the next five years. In orthopaedics, biomaterials are used in a range of surgical applications, including joint replacements, fracture fixation plates, bone defect fillers, artificial tendons and ligaments and bone cements. Other medical applications include cardiovascular, opthalmics, sutures, burn and wound dressings, drug delivery systems, cochlear implants, dental implants and more. Implantable medical devices have long been used in orthopaedic surgery to hold fractured bones in place. For many years titanium and other metals were widely used for fixing fractures. While titanium possesses the high strength, low weight and excellent corrosion resistance necessary to adequately support the healing process, it also has many disadvantages including: (1) growth restriction; (2) second operation needed for implant removal (3) implant palpability, temperature sensitivity and visibility.

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