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Chemicals for Printed Electronics - Huge New Market

SpecialChem / Sep 1, 2008

Printed electronics is a term used to encompass printed and potentially printed electronics and electrics. Indeed, with these new technologies, electronics and electrics are merging, an example being the planned window that gathers energy from the sun and can be switched to become a light or a cinema screen. The devices involved constitute a market of around $1.5 billion today that will grow exponentially to about $300 billion in twenty years. It will stretch the virtuosity of the chemical industry and create a market for over $25 billion of premium priced, specialty chemicals by 2018 and approaching $200 billion in 2028. Little wonder that chemical giants such as BASF, Sumitomo Chemical, Merck and Solvay are moving strongly into this field, including major acquisitions in their strategies. For example, Dow Chemical has just spent $15 billion to buy Rohm and Haas and Henkel has bought half of ICI. Sumitomo Chemical spent $280 million on Cambridge Display Technologies for its intellectual property in flexible polymer Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLEDs that are printed.

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