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Data Disc Developers Target High-capacity Formats

SpecialChem / Feb 7, 2006

Several formats for the next generation of high-density data storage discs are now in the development stage and promise enhanced markets for the plastic resins that comprise the bulk of the discs. These discs will be able to pack up to 10 times the data of current DVDs and will be well suited to the recording, playback and rewriting of program content for the high-definition televisions (HDTVs) that are now emerging on the commercial scene. They will also meet the expanding data archiving needs of businesses, libraries and government agencies. Vying for top place among the new data storage technologies are two rival disc formats - the high-density DVD (HD-DVD), and the Blu-ray disc. The HD-DVD is essentially an extension of present DVD disc technology and can be manufactured by modifying current DVD molding equipment. The Blu-ray disc, so-called because it uses a blue laser beam instead of the red laser used by current DVDs, is a departure from standard DVD concepts and would require new molding equipment to manufacture. Its main asset is its higher storage capacity than HD-DVDs.

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