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Delivering Fuel Efficiency

SpecialChem / Jan 10, 2008

Vehicle manufactures are under considerable pressure to improve the fuel efficiency of their global fleet. This drive is coming from increased consumer interest in climate change, oil supply and demand pressures. Currently, little harmony exists between emissions and fuel efficiency standards across regions and futur legislation may be designed to better align automakers with greater regional and global environmental goals. Vehicle manufacturers must fulfill the demand to produce more fuel efficient vehicles that meet higher standards, while still satisfying consumer preferences for larger, more powerful vehicles. Striking the proper balance will not likely b accomplished via a single silver-bullet technology. Rather, automakers and suppliers will reach their targets by employing numerous powertrain technologies in concert to maximize performance and fuel economy. * Because interest in fuel saving technologies has emerged as a global hotbed issue with widespread implications, automotive R&D and infrastructure will face increased pressure from the greater automotive and environmental community.

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