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Developments in Advanced Polymer Processing Technologies

SpecialChem / Mark DeMeuse – Sep 16, 2013

The development of new polymeric materials for aerospace, automobile and high technology industries requires the establishment of advanced polymer processing technologies in order to be able to manufacture parts with light weight, high strength, high precision, high efficiency and at low cost. There are key problems that need to be urgently solved in the research and development of advanced polymer processing technologies. Many of these problems are related to the manipulations and processing of the unique materials that are currently being developed for novel and emerging applications.

The unique materials can be a combination of existing polymers or they can be newly developed materials. This article will discuss some recent advances in polymer processing technologies and where these technologies can be utilized. As such, the article is not meant to explore all new polymer processing technologies but simply to provide several examples of recent developments in the area. The article is subdivided into several sections depending on the primary type of polymeric material that the advanced processing technology is focused on.

Among the types of plastic joining technologies that are currently being developed are ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, infrared welding and laser welding. Each of these joining technologies has advantages...

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Lanyu L Mar 29, 2017
Nice overview!

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