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Electricity and Electronics like Polymers I – Economic and Technical outline

SpecialChem / May 19, 2004

Worldwide, it is roughly estimated that the Electricity & Electronics sector, the fifth of plastic consumption is: * Roughly 7% of the total plastics * Continuously growing * Around 10 million tonnes. * An important market of composites. Electricity & Electronics need a broad range of properties, often antinomic such as rigidity or flexibility, electrical insulation or conductivity. Motivations to use polymers are diversified: * Technical: Plastics offer an exceptional balance of insulation, weight, performances, ease of processing, aesthetics, and cost. * Economical: Plastics are the economical response to mass production quite as well as to low output specific to electronics. * Aesthetics: Plastics have a pleasant aspect and allow much more design freedom than ceramics, glass, wood and other kicked out conventional materials. There are several targeted properties that can be opposite or of very different levels considering the final application: rigidity or flexibility, electrical insulation or conductivity, resistant to low or high voltages… The Electricity & Electronics sector is significantly consuming engineering and specialty polymers.

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