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Electrospinning 2nd Part - An Emerging Process to Produce Nanofibers

SpecialChem / Jun 23, 2008

Can it really take over 100 years for a patented technique a useful nanotechnology process? Can we make tomorrow's commercial products today? Will it be possible to wear a "smart" piece of fabric that will protect us as we work to clean up an environmentally hazardous environment? The answer to all of these questions is "yes". The process we are referring to is called electrospinning (ES),which is considered to be one of the most promising processes in the nanotechnology field. This brief review attempts to identify the laboratories that are actively pursuing electrospinning development and the companies that are already reaping the benefit from this process. To know more about the advances on electrospinning process, click here to view the previous article: Electrospinning 1st Part - An Emerging Process to Produce Nanofibers. To take advantage of the nanofibers produced from Elamarco's ES process, recently, Cummins Filtration Inc. entered into an agreement with Elmarco to produce efficient filtration systems for motor vehicle and related applications.

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