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Emerging Bioplastic Material Trends & Technologies

Donald Rosato – Sep 22, 2016

emerging bioplastic trends Global bioplastics production capacity is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of almost 20% from 2013 to 2020.

While this envisaged growth looks good, we cannot neglect that 
while adopting bioplastics, their higher costs and performance gap relative to traditional ones still stands as the main challenges.

But, the increasing number of biopolymers gives more choices for blending and will lead to more innovation. Also, advances in new technologies can bring down manufacturing costs. Read on to know more about emerging bioplastic materials innovations from companies like Metabolix, Floreon, Eco Bio Plastics Midland Inc., Faurecia.

4 Comments on "Emerging Bioplastic Material Trends & Technologies"
Antonio C Jul 19, 2017
Good article
Michael S Jul 18, 2017
Great Job Mr. Donald Rosato, The world will need this type of innovation for future generations to survive in this world without harming the Globe.
Niels van der S Oct 22, 2016
Great to have this general update of the developments in this field!
Rangaprasad R Oct 15, 2016
Excellent review !

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