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Emerging Global Plastics Food Contact Packaging Legislation

Donald Rosato – Oct 17, 2017

Global Plastics Food Contact Packaging LegislationFood contact packaging is complicated and continually changing. It is important to keep updated on data, information, and analysis relevant to global plastics food packaging legislation.

Not all plastic resins are compatible for food contact packaging. Thus, a careful selection of materials is needed to keep in mind along with the knowledge of plastics that are subject to global legislation.

So, find out the central theme for food contact packaging legislative approaches over key global geographies that could identify local, geographic standardized approaches and could evolve harmonized global plastics food contact packaging legislation from these base points.

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1 Comments on "Emerging Global Plastics Food Contact Packaging Legislation"
Marie-Christine D Dec 11, 2017
7eme Continent France Plastic is good and fine for many usual items in our every day life : chairs, phones, cars, pencils, pots, roofs, etc - assuming that it will be recycled after use and not abandonned in wild nature or oceans-. But it should never be utilized for food packaging : addidive particles or heavy metals or colour materials entering in the composition of any plastic material, for texture, strength, color, but not fully registered in the composition as pattent protected, are released slowly or massively during the plastic life, which is day after day peeled off by the outside conditions, wether it is on earth, in our microowave or fridge or in the ocean water. Moreover, these released particles go directly in our body through the food, or by a different way through the water cycle. These materials coming from plastic degradation, transport toxic materials as HAP and PCB, as well as bacteria and viruses. We think food or water and other liquids should never be in contact with plastic, especially water for babies bottles. Plastic particles disturb the normal behavior of cells and may be the cause of may diseases observed actually (digestive cancer, genetic anomalies, etc). Glass bottles and paper wrapping should in any case be recommended for food. We are ready to open to any request the result of our reseaches to assess our talk. We are publishing our results on plastic particles, down to micro and nano size in the oceans. We can be contacted for discussing further legislation to prevent from the coming catastrophic perspective induced by plastic use in food packaging. Thank you in advance. MC Desjean

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