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Enhancing Barrier Protection in Food Packaging the Nano Way!

SpecialChem / Feb 15, 2011

Use of nanotechnology in the food and beverage market has only recently emerged, but is expected to grow quickly in the next few years. Advances of nanotechnology in high barrier food packaging are driven by multiple consumer demands. The consumers insist on easy-to-open see-through packaging while also requiring protection against oxygen, water vapor, and aromas that remain economical.

Spanish based nanotechnology research company NanoBioMatters which specializes in nanoclay based additives has launched NanoBioTer in response to the requirement for superior food packaging barrier properties. NanoSeal barrier coatings developed by NanoPack Inc. are aqueous dispersions of vermiculite platelets in PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) applied to food packaging. New Nanolok PT ADV 7 water based coating developed by InMat Inc. is a cost-effective alternative for transparent, high O2 and/or moisture barrier food packaging. Nanolok is a polymer latex of emulsified butyl spheres (about 1 ┬Ám in diameter) to which exfoliated vermiculite is added.

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