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Expanded Nylon Engineering Plastic Metal Replacing Options

SpecialChem / Sep 10, 2008

The basic and most important engineering plastic resin families include nylon (polyamide, PA), polycarbonate (PC), polybutylene terepthalate (PBT), polyphenylene ether (PPE), and acetal (polyoxymethylene, POM). Engineering plastics are a subset of 'advanced materials'. Advanced materials also encompass electronic chemicals, structural metal alloys, and heat resistant ceramics. Engineering plastics are noteworthy because of the ease with which they replace structural metals and ceramics, and that they can be used in established, straightforward manufacturing processes. This makes them very attractive to mechanical design and manufacturing engineers, and it accounts for their high growth rate in application development. Engineering plastics consumption is particularly high in automotive market, where companies such as Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, and BMW are using more of these advanced materials to manufacture body panels, axles, bumper parts and wing-mirror brackets.

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