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Fluoropolymers Gain in Industrial, Auto and Aerospace Sectors

SpecialChem / Jun 29, 2005

Polymers containing fluorine atoms, or fluoropolymers, have been articles of commerce for decades. Known for their exceptional resistance to chemicals and corrosion, usage temperatures up to 260° C, and inherent lubricity, fluoropolymers have found widespread applications in non-stick coatings, gaskets, seals, O-rings, linings for pipes and containers, and wire and cable insulation. The biggest fluoropolymer outlets are in the chemical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and oil and gas industries. Prices of fluoropolymers are comparable to those of other high-performance engineering plastics, but purchasers are willing to pay this premium in return for the enhanced performance of these materials. Today's industrial machinery is operating at increasingly higher temperatures, where the heat-resistance of fluoropolymers offers advantages. More stringent fire regulations are giving new opportunities to fluoropolymer wire and cable insulation, which is strongly fire resistant. Automakers are interested in fluoropolymer under-the-hood components for their combined resistance to heat, oils and greases.

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