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Household Appliance Market likes Polymers

SpecialChem / Nov 17, 2004

The household appliances have accepted plastics early and plastics have opened the door to fast growing of new and traditional household appliances. To-day, plastics can technically and economically replace traditional materials formerly used for household appliances that is to say metals, wood, glass and so on. The lightweight, aesthetics, versatility, design freedom and cost-efficiency of polymers make also the creation of new applications easier. Technically the household appliance market is very heterogeneous including a variety of functionalities, shapes, forms and properties. Table 1 proposes a classification way but many others are possible. To eliminate traditional materials and help the household appliance sector to satisfy its many constraints, all the properties of polymers might be exploited. The polymers can solve the main market requirements: * Economic competition. * Cost cuttings. * Margin reductions. * Reduction of the development cycle times for the mass production models. * Hardening of the pollution, recycling and energy regulations.

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