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Innovative and Unusual Uses of PMMA

SpecialChem / Thibaud Deleger – Jul 31, 2012

One of the major uses of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) is glazing. PMMA suppliers foresee all kind of glazing solutions and taking into account the huge amount of glass used today PMMA has huge volumes of opportunities ahead. In fact the history of PMMA started with glazing. During the Second World War PMMA was developed to replace glass glazing in aircrafts. It is rather simple to keep up on improving the first excellent idea of PMMA application, which is glazing. In our world we now look at the Global Warming issue, and focus on reducing energy losses. Glazing has indeed a key role to play in an environmentally conscious world. It protects but also insulates, and depending on the pigments and materials used it can also filter daylight beams, especially in the infrared range, which heat the most. PMMA is the ideal transparent material to do all these tasks in a single glazing solution. But this is still glazing. Now the question is: is PMMA only useful and relevant for glazing applications? The answer is no of course; so let's review some of the latest application examples highlighting the many PMMA benefits outside the field of glazing.

By identifying some of the most technology breakthrough innovations where PMMA was the centerpiece we can already see the future non-glazing uses of PMMA being the real growth driver in the following decades. Many unusual uses of PMMA have risen out from labs and the possible future applications are not fully understood yet. However, there are...

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