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Innovative Auxiliary Equipment Processing

SpecialChem / Jan 17, 2007

Auxiliary equipment is both ancillary and vital to major plastics processing equipment. Auxiliaries, be they parts handling, machine controls or components, materials handling, decorating related, cutting and trimming, welding, or test and QC, are a key element in the processing operation, if it is going to be performed quickly, efficiently, accurately, and most important profitably. Automation driven auxiliary equipment not only maximizes efficiency in sophisticated new major molding and extrusion systems but also effectively allows older processing machines to product enhance and differentiate quickly. Let's start by reviewing currently developed automated robotic parts handling systems. Nypro Automation Group's Automated Assemblies Corporation (AAC) has its highly automated Raptor line of three-axis servo robots that are designed for easy expandability from simple part removal to complete work cells. Raptor controls and touch screen that allow the user to control not only the robot, but also the complete work cell.

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