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Laser Marking makes Bigger Imprint in Plastics

SpecialChem / Aug 11, 2004

Laser marking allows processors to imprint dates, code numbers, text, bar-codes, logos or decorative designs onto plastic parts or packaging by means of laser beams. Laser marking is cleaner and more environmentally acceptable than competing marking methods such as pad printing and ink-jet printing. Because the pathway of a laser beam is easy to program with a computer, laser marking is more flexible and customizable than systems that use inks and masks. Because no inks, solvents, masks and other consumables are required for laser marking, it is generally less expensive than conventional marking. Although it has been around for several decades, laser marking has grown slowly. One reason is that laser systems, until recently, could produce only a limited range of colors. Another barrier has been the high cost of the laser marking equipment itself. But manufacturers of resins and pigments have recently expanded the color repertoire of laser systems. And new technologies, for example laser machines that can mark two parts at a time with a single laser beam, have made laser marking more productive.

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