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LEED Leading Green Revolution of the 21st Century in USA

SpecialChem / May 24, 2011

The 21st century will be an intriguing and eventful period as several frontiers of technology will encounter a paradigm shift from the current technologies that exist today. The key drivers for this shift have been the desire to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in aims of saving the planet from arctic melting as a result of global warming. Global warming occurs when the solar energy penetrates the atmosphere, and the resultant infrared energy from the earth's surface is absorbed by certain gases and is not allowed to leave. The trapped energy slowly warms the earth's temperature. This process that leads to global warming is commonly referred to as greenhouse effect.

There are two approaches being evaluated currently to curb CO2 emission and thereby slow down global warming. The first approach has been to develop innovative technologies and solutions to produce energy-efficient and eco-friendly processes, products, and solutions. The second alternative is to find a political solution where each nation agrees to do their part in reducing green gas emissions by imposing agreed upon measurable indicators.

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