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Low-Halogen, High-Flow PPS Available for Eco-Sensitive, Thin-Wall, High-Temperature E/E Devices

SpecialChem / Jan 28, 2009

Even for a gadget geek like me, it's disconcerting to think about how broadly consumer electronics are proliferating and how quickly they are morphing. I find myself replacing my cell phone / PDA nearly every year - far more often due to bad lithium-ion batteries that crash and fry my operating system, than a need for more features or to change carriers looking for a better deal. If you allow yourself to get hooked into the need for speed, then laptops are nearly obsolete after 2 or 3 years, particularly if you also try to stay within a generation or two of the latest applications and operating systems. And at the rate MPx players and other digital playback devices are changing shape and hue, certainly Gen-Xers and -Yers are on track to consume and junk even more gadgets more quickly than me and my fellow Boomers. It's no secret that the electronics industry has long had a reputation for being "dirty," meaning traditional production processes used heavy metals like lead solder, exotic and costly materials like superconductors and rare metals.

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