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Make Way for the Cost Efficient 'Superbus' Multifunctional Vehicle

SpecialChem / Jun 15, 2009

Delft University of Technology in partnership with Connexxion, the largest public transport company in the Netherlands is developing a cost efficient, multifunctional mass transport system, the so-called Concept Superbus, designed to combine the efficiency of high speed trains with the point-to-point transport and luxury/privacy of a limousine for a fare which is comparable to the prices of today's public transportation. The vehicle, capable of driving on public roads to pick up and drop off passengers by appointment rather than on a fixed schedule would travel between cities on a dedicated 'Super Highway' infrastructure at speeds of up to 250 mph (402 kmh). In addition to the actual vehicle design, the scope of the Superbus project includes studies concerning infrastructure, logistics, safety, reliability and overall economic viability.

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