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Master Batches Enable the Biopolymer Industry

SpecialChem / Jun 20, 2008

The bioplastics industry is highly dynamic. The more established biopolymers such as polylactic acid, thermoplastic starch blends and the polyhydroxyalkonoate family, have received significant interest. Although they are bio-based, much attention is focused on the compostability and biodegradation of these biopolymers. More recently, significant progress has been reported in the development of biopolymers which are identical or very similar to existing petro-chemical based polymers but derived from renewable resources, e.g. polyethylene from bio-ethanol and polyamides and thermoplastics polyurethanes from castor oil. Much has been said about the new and innovative nature of biopolymers and about their unique properties and characteristics, both positive and negative. Much less has been reported about what has been and can be done to improve the usability of biopolymers; the hidden secrets of color and additive concentrates.One might think it is only the active ingredients and colorants that count and not the form in which they are provided.

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