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Material Science Chemistry for Plastics Laser Marking

SpecialChem / Sep 26, 2007

On October 9, 2007, Mr. Sabreen will present an E-training Seminar entitled "Advanced Technologies for Laser Marking of Plastics and Coatings" on behalf of SpecialChem/Omnexus. This technical paper - "Material Science Chemistry for Plastics Laser Marking" - is being published as recommended advance preparation that will help participants to better understand and participate in the seminar. The technical content of this paper can serve as an independent source of information. Practitioners often assume that laser material additives are required for all plastics laser marking applications. However, depending upon the type of plastic to be laser marked and its end-use requirements for contrast and sharp/fine-line quality detail, it may not always be necessary to utilize laser optimized material formulations. The results will be determined by factors such as: * specific grade and properties of the resin; * type of laser (wavelength, beam quality output mode, optical configuration, power density, peak/average power, marking speed) * colorant & filler components * gloss and surface texture * regrind content

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