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Medical Plastics: 7 Innovative Advances You Can't Miss

SpecialChem – Jul 20, 2018

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Plastic Insulin SyringeThe global medical device market is valued at $160 billion with the USA being the largest market, followed by Europe and Japan. The major drivers in medical device market:

  • Aging populations, limited clinical capacity, inefficiency and lack of quality remains the key factors for increased healthcare spending through 2022
  • Healthcare legislation and government policies
  • Worldwide, per capita healthcare spending is rising faster than per capita income

Latest Plastics Materials & Application Advances

Medical plastic parts have revolutionized the medical industry. They represent the largest group of materials used in medical technology.

Let's have a look at some unique plastic material solutions:


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Blood Therapy Management Devices

Eastman Chemical Tritan’s copolyester for blood therapy surgical and blood management device is an established market leader.

The material is BPA free, has good clarity, chemical resistance and color stability. It also eliminates annealing and retains glass-like transparency.

PBT Designed for Medical Device Dimensional Accuracy

BASF’s Ultradur B4520 PRO is a PBT for injection-molded applications in medical technology.

It has high dimensional stability & optimized shrinkage behavior. And meet the strict reproducible dimensional accuracy requirements for medical device components.

PBT Designed for Medical Device Dimensional AccuracyBut, there are other important properties too, like:

  • Sterilized with ionizing gamma radiation or ethylene oxide
  • Print friendly
  • Broad chemical resistance to polar and non-polar solvents
  • Low water /moisture absorption
  • Ideal sliding, due to high friction and wear resistance
  • Excellent heat aging behavior
  • Good moldability with fast cycles

Medical Masterbatch Colorants

Foster Corporation is an advanced medical plastic material formulator and device manufacturer. The brand has commercialized twelve MediBatch™ color concentrates.

The concentrates are based on FDA 21CFR 7 and 74 subpart D compliant pigment additives to support medical device application development.

Pigments include green, red, yellow, blue, violet, black and white variants. They blend well with a broad range of medical plastics like TPU and Nylon.

Antistatic PP, Acrylic, & ABS Compounds in DPI and pMDI Devices

The RTP Company has developed an antistatic technology. It imparts antistatic electrical conductivity without compromising mechanical properties of the host resin. These compounds (called as ‘PermaStat’), dissipate static charges independent of ambient humidity. 

  • Powdered and aerosol drug formulations
  • Applications requiring biocompatibility, drug interaction, and extraction testing

Molded PEEK Plastic Implantable Pump

It is a battery powered pump implant based on medical grade PEEK and helps patients suffering from excessive fluid in their abdomen.

PEEK is particularly characterized by its biocompatibility, biostability and lighter implantion. These characteristics help in preventing reactions with the body. The ALFAPump System has received regulatory approval. It is in use at leading hospital centres across Europe and globally!

UL-Approved Autoclavable Battery for Powered Surgical Tools

A leading medical device supplier has developed The Hall lithium battery system. It is a UL-approved autoclavable battery and features a battery housing made of PAEK.

The 30% glass filled grade of AvaSpire PAEK is capable of withstanding autoclave temperatures of 275ºF (134ºC)

High performance PAEK provides:

  • High strength
  • Ductility
  • Impact resistance
  • UL 94 VO flammability rating at 0.8mm

Smart Polymer Artificial Eyes - Self-Powered Artificial Retina

Natcore has developed a pencil eraser size, self-powered artificial retina. It requires no batteries and no camera, transmitter or other external device! The material is an organic photovoltaic semiconductor (rr-P3HT). It is soft, light, flexible and biocompatible, as well as sensitive to visible light.

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