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SpecialChem / Jan 30, 2007

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) polymer is an exceptionally strong engineering thermoplastic. It is tough, abrasion resistant with high-impact strength, has excellent flexural and tensile properties, and retains mechanical properties even at very high temperatures. Implantable grade PEEK polymer, suitable for long-term (>30 days) implantation, offers significant benefits over traditional materials, such as polyethylenes, metallic alloys, and ceramics. One of the most chemically resistant polymers available, it is biocompatible, suitable for exposure to the body or bodily fluids, and biostable, i.e. able to maintain its physical and chemical integrity after implantation in living tissue. The moduli of metals and ceramics are inherently high whereas that of implantable grade PEEK can be adapted to reduce stress concentrations that can otherwise be transferred to the bone and result in bone remodeling, the deposition of bone in sites subject to stress and resorption from areas where there is little stress.

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