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Nanocomposites Patents

SpecialChem / Sep 6, 2006

This report covers U.S. patents that issued during the period full year 2005 until 11 August 2006. Around 350 patents had the terms "nanocomposite" or "nanoclay" in their claims, and this number was reduced for this report to 42 that described either new compounds with polymers that comprised nanoclays. Some end use applications of interest were also noted if they were general. Very few assigness had more than one patent. Nanofillers continue to be added in emulsion polymerization processes. The University of Akron owns (6,900,262) a process for producing exfoliated nanocomposites comprising the steps of: emulsion polymerizing vinyl monomer in the presence of a surfactant and adding unmodified nanofiller in a post-polymerization step at room temperature. Samsung Atofina claims in 6,881,798 a method of preparing an exfoliated acrylonitrile polymer/silicate nanocomposite. The method comprises the step of emulsion polymerizing at least one monomer constituting said polymer and at least one non-modified, layered silicate in the presence of at least one reactive emulsifier.

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